How one primary school overhauled its classroom technology

Two years ago, Grafton Primary School in Dagenham began overhauling its IT resources: introducing iPads, upgrading the school’s server and installing front of class interactive touchscreens. Stephen Hawke is the ICT Coordinator behind the project.

Impressed with new developments in software and apps designed to enhance children’s learning in line with the national curriculum, Stephen was determined that his pupils would have access to the technology that would enable them to take full advantage of the digital revolution in education.

Clevertouch talked to Stephen about the new ICT at Grafton and how it has improved the teaching and learning experience in the school. He believes that introducing technology into the classroom for even the youngest pupils is critical to the future success of each child.

“Because society relies so heavily on instant connectivity these days, schools have a responsibility to prepare children for the future and ensure that they have the necessary skills to join a digital workforce when the time comes.”

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Published by Rob Xenos on 07 May 2015