ISE round-up

A brilliant spectacle, full of innovations and breakthroughs that offer glimpses of where technology will take us in the years to come

ISE came to a close earlier this month, bringing together more AV technology innovations and industry professionals than ever before - a massive 80,000 people attended the show, up from 73,000 the year before. Additionally, nearly 300 more exhibitors pitched their stands, bringing the total to 1200 – a staggering number, packing out the RAI Amsterdam to the gills.

The show was full of mind-bending and futuristic products on display. Valo Motion showcased its ‘augmented climbing’ suite – an interactive gaming platform for climbing walls – lighting up the grips where climbers had to place their feet and hands – think arcade dancing platform but vertical (and hopefully not as frantically fast)

Skullmapping was showing off its 4K interactive dining platform ‘Le Petit Chef’ – laser mapping software that shows a digital representation of a miniature animated chef which helps you navigate the menu and order food – augmented reality in beautiful 4K

LG revealed its fully transparent digital signage solution, OLED – at 55 inches and 4K resolution, the ultra slim screen displays images with beautiful clarity, while being completely transparent – PC and TV screens of the future, perhaps?

Clevertouch headed to the show with a range of upgraded software and hardware capabilities, as well as a fresh new report – The Workspace of the Future - commissioned to find out the trends emerging from offices today. The survey of over 1000 office workers in the UK asked what technologies they had, or wanted, in their offices. The report found that offices of the future will be more interconnected, with greater integration of outside technologies and collaboration at their heart. In terms of office layouts, they are beginning to offer a variety of environments for employees to work under – be it quiet break-out spaces with work pods, team-screen orientated conferencing rooms, or simply working remotely or from home – which the average office worker now does once a week.

Clevertouch also ran a smaller survey at its stand, this time focussed on responses from the trade side the fence. The team managed to grab responses from visitors representing over 23 countries, delivering insights at a truly global level. Commercial and education sectors were almost equal in their demands for new technology and collaborative potential, while the public sector saw even greater demand. The findings from the research reinforce Clevertouch’s development philosophy that driving forward with collaborative innovations will deliver the technologies that the office of tomorrow will demand. Clevertouch also swept through the two AV award shows taking three first places, adding to its impressive tally of industry successes:

• AV Display, Innovation of the Year for the Plus Series • InAVation Awards, Display Technology for Collaboration and Conferencing for the Pro Series • Adam Kingshott, marketing director at parent company Sahara, took home the AV News Marketing Professional of the Year

All-in-all, ISE2018 was a brilliant spectacle, full of innovations and breakthroughs that offer glimpses of where technology will take us in the years to come. Coupled with the Workspace of the Future report, we can start to get a glimpse of what the future holds for our working environments and Clevertouch will be there, developing relevant technologies and pushing the envelope in terms of collaborative potential. Clevertouch will return in 2019 and hopefully grab even more awards!

If you are interested in reading the report, head over to our page and get your free download now.

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Published by Sahara AV on 20 February 2018