Levels of service and support

Sahara is open for business, as close to normal as possible. Orders are being taken, deliveries are still going out, and our Support Team are still in place.

At Sahara AV, our main concern has been the health and safety of our colleagues, customers and suppliers. Our thoughts are with anyone who has been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, and we wish you all the best of health in this difficult time.

We are committed to providing continued support to you all, and have been developing new working practices so that we can best support you. Our team are used to working remotely and holding meetings via online platforms, and therefore these changes should have no impact on levels of productivity or support. Our entire office-based workforce is now successfully working from home. Our business hours remain unchanged, and we are working on the phone and over email with no disruption to levels of service.

We have made the decision to put together online training videos for our partner products, Clevertouch and Sedao, and these training packages will be available for free for both trade and end user customers. Please look out for an email from us in the next week with more details.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch. Below are the contact details for the Sahara AV team.

Contact details

Main Switchboard: +44 20 8319 7700, info@saharaplc.com


  • Shaun Marklew: +44 20 8319 7768, shaun.marklew@saharaplc.com
  • Adam Kingshott +44 20 8319 7712, adam.kingshott@saharaplc.com
  • John Ginty +44 20 8319 7752, john.ginty@saharaplc.com
  • Simon Chidsey simon.chidsey@saharaplc.com
  • Mark Starkey mark.starkey@saharaplc.com
  • Pat Foley patrick.foley@saharaplc.com

Sales Team

  • Brett Stallard: +44 20 8319 7759, brett.stallard@saharaplc.com

Support Team

  • Rob Xenos: +44 20 8319 7742, rob.xenos@saharaplc.com
  • Paul Harnett: +44 20 8319 7796, paul.harnett@saharaplc.com

Customer Services

  • Cristina Bugiani: +44 20 8319 7748, cristina.bugiani@saharaplc.com


  • Brian Ethakadu: +44 20 8319 7707, brian.ethakadu@saharaplc.com


  • Toni Campfield: +44 20 8319 7721, toni.campfield@saharaplc.com


  • Mikael Nilsson: +46 (0) 766 44 05 20, mikael,nilsson@saharaplc.com


  • Wilfried Tollet: +49 (0) 172 4597111, wilfried.tollet@clevertouch.com


  • Nick Pietza: +31 (0) 6 422 53 575, nick.pietza@clevertouch.com

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Published by Sahara AV on 25 March 2020