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Sahara AV has been distributing the latest, innovative Audio Visual solutions to a network of selected resellers for over 40 years.

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Indoor LED All-in-one Solution

NEC LED Posters

Commercial Displays
Sleek, slim, stylish 4K professional displays with maximum visual impa

Sedao 75-A4K24V 75" commercial display

Signage Players
The world's smallest signage player

Sedao Pico Mini


Find out what’s been happening at Sahara and the latest from the AV industry

Yet more wins for Clevertouch USA!

The acquisition by Boxlight is set to benefit Clevertouch’s customers across the world with accelerated plans ...

Sahara Presentations Systems (Sahara Holdings Ltd) acquired by Boxlight Corporation

As of today, Sahara Presentation Systems PLC (including Sahara AV Solutions, Clevertouch and Sedao) has been ...


Proudly partnering and supplying leading AV brands

Proudly partnering and supplying leading AV brands