Projection Opportunities Post-Lockdown

At the time of writing in April 2021, we now have a (relatively) clear roadmap for the reopening of schools, businesses and society in general across the UK. Following the series of lockdowns and tiered restrictions over the last 12 months, this will surely come as a welcome relief to everyone, so long as the ongoing vaccination rollout is a success.

Health impacts aside, the AV world has faced many challenges over the past year, with the direct impact on live events and productions the most obvious and significant. Likewise, budget uncertainties, cancellation of trade shows and difficulties accessing sites for demonstrations and installations have all contributed to delayed projects and procurement. But with the likelihood of built-up demand, budget release and new projects to coincide with the re-opening of the country, there should be much busier and more exciting times ahead.

Epson take a look at five key areas that could benefit from post-lockdown projection...

1. Education

Normally such a consistent sector for projection, the disruption in schools and budget freezes at universities have kept many projects on the backburner. But with students returning, it is essential that displays are big, clear and fully functional to support equal learning opportunities for all, especially when larger spaces are being used and students spread right out to the back. Epson’s 3LCD laser projector range offers bright, affordable and reliable solutions for large teaching spaces, complete with a 5-year warranty:

  • Classrooms: Try the new EB-800F ultra-short-throw for high impact images without glare, shadowing or reflections
  • Seminar rooms: The EB-L510U is a best seller – bright, compact and great value, perfect for campus-wide deployment
  • School halls: The EB-L1070U offers fantastic value – just pick a lens to suit
  • Lecture theatres: Go bigger and brighter to fit the space: EB-L1490U / EB-L1500UH / EB-L1750U for impressive visuals even with ambient light

2. Retail

One of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic, the high street has suffered from enforced closures and restrictions, with many customers moving online. Once the legal blockers are removed, will shoppers be tempted back? Reimagining the retail experience will be key – and projection can play a huge part in this. Epson’s lighting & signage range offers an array of different chassis styles and outputs to suit retail environments:

  • Behind the counter: The EB-L250F displays punchy content with no fuss
  • Short for space: If distance is limited, the EB-750F ultra-short-throw is the answer
  • Get creative: The LightScene EV-100 offers a radical design: a cylindrical chassis with ball-socket joint and optional lighting track mount – angle onto walls, floors or objects to surprise and delight, with content playback from SD card or HDMI

3. Visitor attractions

Several museums have taken the opportunity during lockdown to improve their AV offerings. But as indoor venues reopen, the competition to draw visitors back will create demand for new and improved exhibits, while many brand-new venues are also in the pipeline. Epson have a range of purpose-built projectors to help:

  • Immersive rooms: The EB-755F hides nicely in the dark with its black chassis, generating impressive 1080p images with very little space required
  • On a budget: The EB-L615U offers impressive brightness in a compact package
  • Premium attractions: Go for the EB-L1075U, with fully motorised optics and an array of lens options, including the game-changing ELPLX01 with a throw ratio of just 0.35:1

4. Corporate

One of the more intriguing areas post-lockdown – just how many employees will be back in the traditional office? While home working is now most definitely here to stay for many, the office is certainly going to see a comeback, but adaptations to improve AV will be needed to make sure it is safe, worthwhile and engaging:

  • Meeting Rooms: The EB-U50 is an affordable and sleek projector, perfectly designed for inconspicuous installation
  • Boardrooms: The EB-L610U enables 100-inch plus images at a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies – pair with an ALR screen for a really impressive finish
  • Auditoriums: Getting the whole company together is possible with the EB-L1750U – making sure even the chatty ones on the back rows have a great view

5. Live Events

Hard hit throughout the pandemic, live events will hopefully see a strong rebound as 2021 progresses. Fixed venues and rental companies alike will need to ensure kit is up-to-date and fully functional to wow the returning crowds – no matter what size of event:

  • Pop-Up: Smaller venues can add instant visuals with the EB-W70 / EB-W75 – stylish and ultra-portable projectors offering 2,000 lumens output – great for bars and galleries looking to add some sparkle to their evening events
  • Theatre: Reinvigorate backdrops and visuals with the EB-L1755U, a real customer favourite for live events
  • Staging: When extra brightness is vital, the EB-L20000U takes things up a notch – with 20,000 lumens and a wide range of lenses to suit
  • Mapping: If you want to really impress the crowds on the street, then bring buildings to life with the EB-L30000U – the world’s brightest 3LCD projector to date, offering a crowd-pleasing 30,000 lumens of colourful content

No matter what the size of customer or project, Epson – the world leader in projection – have the right products and team to support. Get in touch today via Sahara to find out more.

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Published by Paul Wilson, Product Manager - Pro. Display on 01 April 2021